Top 11 Code Violations

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1. Lack of a Business License

A business license is required to operate in City limits. To comply with violation obtain a license or cease operating the business. Itinerant vendors are prohibited in the City of San Jacinto.

Click here for more information about obtaining a business license.

You can download a business license application from our website, or obtain one from City Hall.

2. Exposed Trash Containers

Trash containers shall not be placed at curb before 6:00pm the day before collection and must be put away out of public view within 12 hours of collection.

It is a Nuisances Violation under Chapter 8.44.050 section C3 for “Property maintenance” if “Trash, garbage, or refuse cans, bins, boxes, or other such containers stored in front or side yards and visible from a public street”.

You can also find more information on our City Website Waste & Recycling page regarding the trash, recycling and green waste service provided by CR&R Waste Contracted Services.

3. Trash, Junk, Furniture and Appliances

Boxes, lumber, salvage materials, broken or discarded furniture and/or appliances, or any accumulation of garbage or filth, shall not be stored on the property in public view and/or visible from a public street.

An example of a Nuisances Violation under Chapter 8.44.050 section C1 for “Property maintenance” is if “Packing boxes, lumber, junk, trash, salvage materials, or other debris kept on the property for an unreasonable period and visible from a public street”. It is also a Nuisances Violation under Chapter 8.44.050 section C4 for “Property maintenance” if “The accumulation of dirt, litter or debris on the property which is visible from a public street”.

It is a Nuisances Violation under Chapter 8.44.050 section C6 for “Property maintenance” if “Broken or discarded furniture, household equipment and furnishings or shopping carts stored on the property for unreasonable periods and visible from a public street”.

4. Hazardous Bodies of Water

Pools, ponds and other water features are required to be algae and insect free as well as secured from unsupervised access by children.

It is a Nuisances Violation under Chapter 8.44.050 section C5 for “Property maintenance” if you have “Attractive nuisances dangerous to children and visible from a public street, including abandoned, broken or neglected equipment, machinery, refrigerators and freezers, hazardous pools, ponds and excavations”.

It is also a Nuisances Violation under Chapter 8.44.050 section C16 for “Property maintenance” if you have “Water which is a breeding place for mosquitoes. The accumulation of any pool of water in such a manner that the same is, or may become, a breeding place for mosquitoes”.

5. Proper Landscape Maintenance

Lawns and weeds are required to be cut to a height not to exceed 4”.  Trees are required to be trimmed to a minimum height of 6’ off the ground, 9’ over any sidewalk and 12’ over any street.  Dead branches, plants or other vegetation are to be removed in a timely manner.  To comply, ensure that lawns and weeds are mowed and trees are trimmed to the appropriate height. Remove dead vegetation.  Front yard landscaping is required by the city.

6. Items that are Abandonded, Inoperative, or in Disrepair

Boats, vehicles, vehicle parts, camper shells or other items of personal property that are abandoned or otherwise in a state of disuse or disrepair may not be stored in front yards, driveways or other areas visible to the public.  A non-operable vehicle is defined as one that is not currently registered and/or cannot be safely operate on a public roadway. A DMV Certificate of Non-operation does not exclude any vehicle from this statute.

The City has a free "Junk Your Clunker" program that will remove old vehicles or motorcycles free of charge.

7. Obstructions to Sidwalks and Streets

No items (i.e. Basketball hoops, household items or junk) may be left on sidewalks or streets that block the right-of-way or present a hazard to pedestrians or motorists.

8. Holiday Lights

Any seasonal or holiday decorations including, but not limited to , Christmas lights and Halloween props, visible from public rights-of-way, put on display over sixty (60) days before the holiday for which the  decoration is displayed, and not removed within thirty (30) days after the holiday for which the decoration is displayed.  To comply do not install holiday lights/decorations earlier than sixty days before the holiday and remove them prior to thirty days after the holiday

9. Parking Vehicles on other than Approved Surfaces

Any “motor vehicle” as defined in Section 415 of the California Vehicle Code or a “motor-driven cycle” as defined in Section 405 of the Vehicle Code parked in any area not specifically designated and prepared for parking such as a concrete driveway or supplemental parking area on a surface approved by the Community Development Department

10. Recreational Vehicle Parking

RVs may be parked in the driveway (said RV shall not extend over the right-of-way) for up to a total of seventy-two (72) hours within any consecutive 120-hour period for the purpose of loading and un loading the RV and for light maintenance and repair. Upon the expiration of seventy-two (72) hours, should the RV not have been moved to a location as provided below or a distance of at least three hundred (300) feet, the RV shall not be considered as having been moved and will be in violation of this section.  Such vehicles shall not be used for living, sleeping, or housekeeping purposes.

11. Yard/Garage Sales

To have a garage/yard sale the resident must obtain a permit from City Hall.  Each resident is allowed one garage sale during any quarter of one calendar year. No single garage sale shall continue for more than three consecutive days or two consecutive weekends of two days each.

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