Redevelopment Agency FAQ

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What is Redevelopment?

Redevelopment is a process created to assist city and county government in eliminating blight from a designated area, and to achieve desired development, reconstruction and rehabilitation including but not limited to: residential, commercial, industrial, and retail.

What is a Redevelopment Agency?

California State law allows local governments to establish Redevelopment Agencies. A Redevelopment Agency is established to define and address areas within the City that require redevelopment, due to blight, lack of affordable housing, and/or economic distress within a given geographic area.

What activities are considered redevelopment?

Redevelopment includes:
• Affordable housing and homeownership opportunities
• Revived business districts
• Revitalization of rundown neighborhoods
• Crime reduction
• Improvement to streets, lighting, sewers and water lines
• Clean-up of contaminated property
• Community Centers
• Parks
• Libraries
• Fire and Police stations
• Neighborhood beautification, such as upgrading building facades and

What is a Project Area?

A project area is the grouped properties within which actual redevelopment will take place.  The project area must first go to public hearing (giving citizens who will be included in the project area a chance to express their views) after which the Redevelopment Agency acts on the adoption of the project area and becomes responsible for future projects.

What areas in San Jacinto are designated as redevelopment project areas?

The City of San Jacinto Redevelopment Agency has 2 redevelopment areas with approximately 4,260 acres. See a map of our current Redevelopment Areas.

What is the benefit to being in a Redevelopment Project Area?

Redevelopment is one of the most effective ways to breathe new life into deteriorated areas plagued by social, physical, environmental or economic conditions that act as a barriers to new investment by private enterprise.  Through redevelopment, a project area will receive focused attention and financial investment to reverse deteriorating trends, create jobs, revitalize the business climate, rehabilitate and add to the housing stock, and gain active participation and investment by citizens which would not otherwise occur.

What is a Redevelopment Plan?

A redevelopment plan represents a process and a basic framework within which specific projects will be undertaken.  The plan provides the Agency with powers to take certain actions such as to buy and sell land within the area covered by the plan (project area), improving dilapidated facilities, and to use tax increment financing.

How are projects funded in a redevelopment area?

Tax increment is the primary source of revenue that redevelopment agencies have to undertake redevelopment projects. It is based on the assumption that a revitalized project area will generate more property taxes than were being produced before redevelopment, due to the improvements and increased property values in the project area.

How do I know if I live in a redevelopment area?

The City of San Jacinto Redevelopment Agency currently has two redevelopment areas. Click here to view and/or print a map

How do I know what projects are planned for a redevelopment area?

Each redevelopment area must have a plan with a set of goals and objectives for redevelopment. The redevelopment area must accomplish those goals within a specific time period, typically 30 years. Projects planned for a redevelopment area will be listed on this web site. Current information is available directly from Redevelopment Agency staff by calling (951) 487-7330

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