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of San Jacinto, a dynamic city located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California - one of the fastest growing regions in the nation.
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City Contact Information

City of San Jacinto
595 S. San Jacinto Ave.
San Jacinto, CA 92583
Phone.: (951) 487-7330

Hours Monday- Thursday
8:00 - 11:45 a.m.
1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Offices closed Friday.

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Current News & Events

San Jacinto River Levee, Stage 4 and River Expansion Project
This Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) document has been prepared to inform decision makers and the public of the potentially significant environmental effects associated with construction of the San Jacinto River Levee, Stage 4 and River Corridor Expansion Project
 Notice of Availability of a Draft Environmental Impact Report
 Draft Environmental Impact Report
Technical Appendices
Appendix A: Comments
Appendix B: Air Quality
Appendix C: Biological
Appendix D: Cultural
Appendix E: Geotechnical
Appendix F: Hydrology
Appendix G: Acoustical

Inland Empire Garden Friendly Events

EMWD, WMWD and other IE water districts partner with The Home Depot on water-wise landscaping workshops and plant sale events. For dates & locations visit iegardenfriendly.com.
2014 Inland Garden Event Schedule

Urgent: Metal thefts, we need your help!
Metal theft is on the rise in our community and the City needs your help in solving the problem. Recently, metal thieves have struck in our area and have stolen fire hydrants, manhole covers, chain link fencing and wiring out of street lights. Learn what you can do to help...

Conserve Water
Check out these sites for water saving tips, rebates, and information:
- www.bewaterwise.com
- www.usewaterwisely.org
- www.emwd.org

San Jacinto Military Banner Program
Learn more about this program honoring veterans and active-duty residents of San Jacinto.

See Graffiti Around Town?
Don't just complain to your neighbors — call the Graffiti hotline at (951) 537-6407.

Ramona Bowl