Police & Fire Services

Police and Fire protection for the City of San Jacinto are contracted services through Riverside County.

Police Service

The mission of the San Jacinto Police Department for the preservation of the public peace, the safety of the residents of the community through crime prevention, and the enforcement of applicable local and state laws. Officers receive continuous training and testing to insure they are highly qualified and prepared to meet the challenges they encounter. Their superior training not only improves crime responses, but leads to many outstanding crime prevention programs.

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Grafitti posterGraffiti Tip Line
Think you know who did it?
Call the Sheriff's Graffiti Tip Line at (951) 537-6407.
...and you may get a reward.




Fire Service

The City of San Jacinto was founded in 1870, and incorporated in 1888, and began contracting with the Riverside County Fire Department for fire and emergency services in 1996.

The City has a growing population of 44,803 and encompasses 26 square miles. The City's fire service is provided by fire stations located in the City:

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Police Station
160 West Sixth Street
San Jacinto, CA 92583
(951) 654-2702

Non-emergency dispatch
(951) 776-1017

Emergency: 911

Emergency number when calling from a cell phone:
(951) 776-1078

Graffiti Tip Line
(951) 537-6407

Fire Stations (CDF)

Fire Station 25
132 S. San Jacinto Ave.
(951) 654-7912

Fire Station 78
2450 W. Cottonwood Ave.
(951) 654-7637

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