San Jacinto Solar Energy Project

Case Withdrawn 1/2016


Aries Solar Holding, LLC, proposes to construct, operate, maintain, and ultimately decommission the San Jacinto Solar Energy Project in San Jacinto, California. The Project would involve a fixed tilt photovoltaic (PV) solar power generation facility, capable of delivering up to 29 megawatts alternating current (MWAC) electricity, on approximately 142 acres. To distribute energy generated on site to the transmission grid, the Project would directly tap into an existing Southern California Edison 33-kilovolt (kV) sub-transmission line that runs immediately adjacent to the eastern limits of the Project site along North Warren Road.

The Project site is designated for Low Density Residential (LDR) in the City of San Jacinto General Plan and is zoned Residential, Low Density (RL).  The Applicant is proposing a Development Agreement with the City, a Development Code Amendment to create a Commercial Solar Facility (CSF) Combining/Overlay Zone, a Zoning Map amendment to place the new Combining/Overlay Zone on the Project site, and a General Plan Amendment to reflect that the proposed Commercial Solar Facility (CSF) Combing/Overlay Zone is designated as a “may be compatible” with the General Plan (LDR) designation.  Other General Plan Amendments may include the relocation of Bridge Street on the City’s Circulation Element and the relocation of a proposed park and proposed school site.  These actions will be processed under a Commercial Solar Facilities Use Permit as required by the proposed Commercial Solar Facility (CSF) Combining/Overlay Zone. 


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